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Current events in the world of Retail.

Here is a great article on the new Sams Club in RC! Store Design impacting customer buying behavior at it's best.

This week Kenith Cole put out a tweet that got them lots of attention in the national news. What do you think, is this ethical? is this good or bad PR?

Read this article and post what you think.

Jessica Clutter: I think he is going to get a lot of publicity out of these remarks. I think it is wrong, but I have never heard of this guy before I read the post, so maybe that was his intent. Get everyone talking and then check out his products. They do say bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Matthew Sullivan: I can't really see anybody reading the tweet or the fallout reactions and being like, "hey, I should go pick up some Kenneth Cole stuff." In this case, I can only see him losing customers because of an innapropriate tweet. Definitely bad PR. His only saving grace was that he followed it up with an apoligy to everyone. He probably saved some of his customers with that apology.


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