Here is a neat video on some helpful tips to communicate better with employees.

Here is a video about motivating employees and how every employee is different.

For the last assignment we are allowing everyone to pick what assignment they would like to do - make sure you post your name next to the posted assignment!
Assignment 1 - Make a powerpoint, podcast or video explaining proper ways to evaluate and provide constructive feedback to store employees
Assignment 2 - Make a powerpoint, podcast or video about proper ways to select and recruit employees
Assignment 3 - Make a powerpoint, podcast or video on how to properly motivate employees

Assignment 1- Cassie Furchner

Assignment 1- Shannon Franke

Assignment 2-Rechinda Bryant
Way to Recruit for a Job.pptx
Assignment 2-Shaina Lacher

Assignment 2 - Jennifer Hill

Assignment 3-Jessica Clutter

Amanda Stewart-

Assignment 3 - Stacia Wakeley

Assignment 3 - Matthew Sullivan

Assignment 3 - Rick Nunez

Assignment 3 - Lindsey Danielson