Assignment One

Create a video explaining two issues of multichannel retailing
Jessica Clutter X
Shaina Lacher X
Aaron Monteith
Jennifer Cooper X

Assignment One - Jessica Clutter

Shaina Lacher

jennifer cooper

Assignment Two

Create a podcast to highlight a company that uses all three levels of the multichannel retailing and
explain if it makes them more successful or not.
Amanda Stewart

Matthew Sullivan

Cassie Furcher
Rechinda Bryant

Matthew Walden
Stacia Wakeley

Assignment Two - Stacia Wakeley

Assignment two- Cassie Furchner

Assignmenr two -Rechinda Bryant at bottom

Assignment Three

Create a screencast or digital storytelling to explain three of the capabilities needed for multichannel retailing.
Tasha Dorrnick
Milton Law X
Shannon Franke X
Lindsey Danielson X
Rick Nunez X
Jessie Drury X

Shannon Franke

Lindsey Danielson

Rick Nunez

Jessi Drury - I know it said to only do three but I couldn't decide on 3 so I did all 8.

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ing, please contact Thia or

Jennifer Hill to make that change.