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The main focus of this class is for you and your classmates to develop wiki sites based on the retail topics covered in the course (see list below). I want you to select a topic from the list below that you will be responsible for creating the wiki site on. Once you have created the wiki site you will then need to start developing the site using various forms of multi media. You will need to use a minimum of one video you created, one podcast you created, one PowerPoint slide, and many links to outside sources. Throughout the semester, each person and I will present the topic to your fellow students. During your presentation you will need to come up with an assignment that your classmates can do to add to your wiki. Then your classmates will be responsible for adding that information to your wiki. You can specify what information you want your classmates to add, and once they have put it on your site you can edit it as you see fit. Vice versa, you will be responsible to contribute to all other sites the class is building.

You are probably wondering what a wiki is and how to use it.

Here is a video that may help you.

Next you are probably wondering how to get started with your wiki???

Check out these handy video tutorials.Handy video tutorials

Now that you know how wikis work, I want you to sign up for a wiki account. Then make a request to become a member of this page. I will accept your request, and once you receive that confirmation email I want you to edit this page by putting your name on one of the retail topics below. This will be the topic that you will create a wiki on!!!


Introduction to the World of Retailing --- Duane Martenson "IntroTo Retailing"·

(GROUP 1) Chapter 2 Types of Retailers -- Jessica Clutter - Amanda Stewart(

(GROUP 2) Chapter 3 Multichannel Retailing--Jennifer Hill - Thia Monteith

(GROUP 3) Chapter 5 Retail Market Strategy --Tasha Doornink_Shannon Franke

(GROUP 4) Chapter 7 Retail Locations -- Matthew Sullivan-- Milton Law --

Shaina Lacher

(GROUP 5) Chapter 11 Customer Relationship Management-- _Cassie Furchner - Lindsey Danielson

- Stacia Wakeley

(GROUP 6) Chapter 14 Buying Merchandise -- Rechinda Bryant-Rick Nunez-Aaron Monteith

(GROUP 7) Chapter 17 Managing the Store-- Matthew Walden-Jessie Drury

-- Jennifer Cooper

Now Go Create the wiki page for your topic….

Next you are probably wondering how am I going to be able to use all that multimedia stuff Martenson is talking about???

Here is a cool link explaining much of the Multimedia I mention above.

Here are some other handy wiki hints

  • · Remember that only one person can edit the page at a time. So if you get a message saying, "the page is currently being edited" try again later.
  • · If someone messes up your site, you can always go back to an older version of the page by using the history tab.
  • · Wiki space help page and tips page provide some useful help.
  • Here is a link that will allow you to do much more formatting to your page using text editor

  • PODCAST AUDIO WEBSITE - First record your podcast using your recorder on your computer. it will be saved as a .wma file but it will need to be converted to a mp3 using a converter on the student share under the retail folder. After converting it to mp3 use to create a player that you can embed onto the wiki. To insert the player click on the embeded widget, click on the other html tab and paste the html code you got when you published the mp3 file on podbean.
  • VODCAST VIDEO- Record your personal video using camera or webcam then upload to youtube. To add to wiki click the embeded widget button and click video tab then click youtube video button to complete upload from youtube.
  • CARTOON WEBSITE - - Create an account than click the toondoo maker under the tools tab to create the cartoon. After you have created the cartoon and published it copy the embeded html code on toondoo and than click the embeded widget button and click the the other html tab and paste the code in the given area.
  • PICTURE OF WEBSITE - Find the page you want and then hit the print screen button on the upper right hand side of your keyboard this copies the entire page. Then paste into your photoshop program and use the crop tool to crop the part of the site you want. then click the image button in the ribbon and select image size and make a 5 x 5 or smaller then save it and place it in your space with the insert images button on the wiki editor ribbon