Stove stove.jpg Dishwasher dishwasher.jpg Refrigerator refrigerator.jpg Chris B and Ryan H Bathtub Dan, Ryan, & Tait Ceramic Tile external image ceramic-tile.jpg Tasha Deardorff Exterior door handlesets Becky & Kiley: Ceiling Fans fans.jpg Kris-Tina and Lisa: Menards has everthing from groceries, movies, as seen on TV merchandise, cleaning supplies, and then home improvement items. Lowe's has lots of home improvement items and a much better assortment of brands and displays. Lowe's seems to have larger selections of appliances and tools. asseenontvimage.jpg Christopher Bren & Artie: Electric Washer and Dryer, Toilets, 3' X 5' Backerboard Jeff: Electric Water Heaters Tara and Jayne: Quartz Vanity Top Sink with and without faucet Storm Door Sheet Rock Holden & Ashley Paint Bekah: Refrigerators Jessica: Refrigerators

Store Design-

Menards- Felt and looked like a typical wharehouse. It had a lot of clutter. It was weird to see the grocery center located in the middle of the store but at the same time might be very convenient. I saw others being helped. There were payment plans listed on products.
Lowe's- Had a clean and new feel to it. All the product looked more for upper class and didn't look cheap. I was offered help.

Has a no-frills, wharehouse feel to it. Like things should be cheaper than at Lowe's.
Lowe's- Seems brighter, cleaner, and nicer (a little more upper scale). Wide aisles and roomy.

Tara and Jayne:

Poor Setup
Lots of variety but poorly laid out. Unrelated items were place together. Had to really look for signs for the different departments. Store had a cluttered appearance.
Great Setup
Clear Visible Signs, extra wide isles and looked very clean.

MENARD’S- Customer service was pretty bad. An independent was stocking shelves and asked if he could help us, went and got a store employee. A couple groups of 2 & 3 employees apparently involved discussing important issues amongst themselves.

Just as we were wondering if customer service was going to be as bad as at M’s, an employee who hadn’t even clocked in yet asked us if we needed help.

Holden & Ashley
Menards: nice big building. The lumber yard is super cool if you buy lots of material.
Lowes: very big aisle space, great if its busy.

Christopher Bren & Artie: Lowes was very easy to find items. Lowes had a better atmosphere and easy to get around. Lowes had not as many employees working but ealomost everyone we came across asked us if we needed help. One employeesaid, "if you need it. we have it."
Menards was cluttered and a little more difficult to find your items. There were emoployees everywhere but no one asked us for help, but when we did ask a question the employee was helpful and friendly.

Monica & Kayla- Both businesses have great customer service, there employees really know a lot of information regarding there products that they offer.

Chris B and Ryan H (Record a video
Menards: If interested in product you have to find someone, not very helpful
Lowe's: There was a salesperson right there willing to help

Dan, Ryan, Tait
Menards tends to have unorganized places for product, but they do a good job telling you what is in the aisle by signs
Lowe's has bigger aisle so you don't feel crowed and you can easly get two carts by eachother

Tasha Deardorff
Menards: Had a 3 employees offer to assist, but many did not.
Lowes: 7 employees offered assistance in different areas throughout store within 30 minuets.

Becky & Kiley:
Menards: If you need help, you have to search for someone to help you; there aren't many employees walking around. However, we were greeted and told to have a good day when we walked out of the store.
Lowes: There were lots of employees around if you needed help. While looking at the fans, 5 employees walked by us: 3 didn't say anything or hardly even look at us, one said hi and kept walking, and one stopped and asked if we were finding everything okay or if we needed help at all.

Kris-Tina and Lisa:
Menards: Customer service is lacking in several areas, but as soon as we were looking at appliance, two people asked if we needed anything. When we were in other areas of the store and if they weren't on the phone or busy with something else, not a sole made it a point to assist us.
Lowes: There was one person in the appliance section when we were pricing washer and dryers and he was busy. No one else was able or willing to help us.

Holden & Ashley
Lowes- is very helpful with picking out a color and making sure it would look goood by asking questions in what room and how much lighting was present.
Menards- Didnt really care and just sold you the paint.

No one asked me if I needed any help.
Lowe's- One person did ask me if I was finding everything OK. I did like the "Need Help? ... Press Button" in the aisles.
Delivery and install is contracted out, but Lowe's follows up with a phone call to ensure customer satisfaction.

Menards- I walked around the store for 30 minutes with only getting asked for help once.
Lowe's- Here I also walked around for 30 minutes with getting asked for help 3 separate times.


Monica & Kayla-
Menard's has a great location, because it is the entrance to new businesses opening in Rapid City.
Lowe's does not have the best location, because it is placed towards the outside of Rapid City where not many people go.

Chris B and Ryan H
Menards: It is not in a convient location because it is some what out of the way to go to, not as many big name stores around it
Lowe's: It is in a more convient location because it has many eating establishments near it and by big name stores

Dan, Ryan, & Tait
Menards has a great location, because there will be lots of companies moving in around them in the near future.
Lowe's has an okay location, because it is located by some higher end consumer product stores.

Tara & Jayne
Both stores are located just where the city is expanding, so, good locations. The only slightly bad thing about Lowe's location is that thier sign is not very visible because it sits just behind Best Buy's sign.

Tasha Deardorff
Menards and Lowes are both located on the outskirts of town. I think it depends more on where you do most of your business as to what is more convenient.

Becky & Kiley:
Menards: Not the best location because it is kind of out of the way. If someone had never been to Rapid City and were looking for a home improvement store they wouldn't find it easily. It may have a good location in the future though once Rushmore Crossing shopping center becomes more popular.
Lowes: Good location because it is on a well known street and close to other shops and restaurants.

Christopher Bren & Artie: Lowes was in a very good location, right by the mall and many different businesses for easy access.
Menards was a little out of the way and the parking lot was cluttered and hard to navigate into and out of.

Holden & Ashley
Lowes has a better location due to being close to the mall and Menards is just kinda out by it self

Kris-Tina and Lisa
Menards: has a good location being right next to the interstate and close to Rushmore Crossing. When traveling to Rapid City, this would be easy to get to from the interstate especially with a sign located on the hill next to it.
Lowes: Although it is located close to the mall and the interstate, its view is blocked by Borders and Best Buy. This can also be a nice location given what it's located by and being on a well known street

Menards- Just an OK location, kind of out in the middle of no where.

Lowe's- More convenient location due to other types of stores in the vicinity (easier to run errands for different things).

Menards- It is starting to have a good location since the town is growing in that direction. Now you have other stores out there.
Lowe's- It's nice because there are other stores around and you can get everything done it one trip. Some people may not know where it is located though since it is tucked in.

Menards- I believe it has a pretty decent location since it is directly off of I-90.
Lowe's- I believe this one is kind of out in the "boonies".


Monica & Kayla
Stove- $499-$649
Dishwasher- $349-$999
Refrigerator- $399-$1899
Refrigerator- $328-$2230

Chris B and Ryan H
Bathtubs - $350 to $2500

Bathtubs - $600 to $1,000

Dan Ryan, Taitor Tot

The same ceramic tile 12" x 12"
Menards $1.37
Lowe's $1.58

Tasha Deardorff
Exterior door handlesets:
Menards: $60 to $150
Lowes: $99 to $132

Becky & Kiley:
Menards: Prices varied depending on size and quality of the ceiling fan. The prices ranged anywhere from $19.96 to $229.00.
Lowes: Prices here also varied depending on size and qualitiy. There were equally inexpensive prices fans, the lowest priced at $19.98, as well as higher quality more expensive fans, the highest priced at $329.00.

Christopher Bren & Artie: The prices varied in each store depending on what product it was. Menards had a bigger selection. Lowes had lower prices for certain items and visa versa.
Toilet Same features
Menards $329
Lowes $329
5.8 Cu. Ft Electric Washer and Dryer
Menards the washer and dryer were seperately priced at $598 each
Lowes had a sale $898 for both the washer and the dryer
3' x 5' Backerboard
Menards $7.69/sheet
Lowes $8.87/ sheet

Holden & Ashley
Lowes Gallon of Paint $35-$45 depending on brand
Menards Gallon of Paint $22 and up depending on brand

Menards- "Richmond" 50 Gallon 6-Year Warranty $283.00
Lowe's- "Whirlpool" 50 Gallon 6-Year Warranty $283.00 (Delivery & Install additional $249.00 per unit)
Lowe's offers a 10% Military discount at all times, which can be significant for many of the high dollar home improvment items one can purchase.

Tara and Jayne:
Quartz Vanity Top: $210
Sink w/ faucet: $168
Storm Door: $298
Sheet Rock: Wall: $3.98 per sheet; Ceiling: $5.42 per sheet

Quartz Vanity Top: $208
Sink w/out faucet: $149
Comparable faucet: $76, Drain $26
Storm Door: $298
Sheet Rock: Wall: $3.98 per sheet; Ceiling: $5.92 per sheet

Menards- was defiantly cheaper. They had the cost of monthly payments listed if you were to choose to use your Menards card.
Lowe's- While at Menards, I was looking at Maytag brands and at Lowe's I couldn't even find them. They also had more advanced ones therefore making them a lot more expensive.

Kris-Tina and Lisa
Whirlpool duet Washer and Dryer:
Menards - The washer was cheaper and dryer was the same as Lowes
Lowes - Washer was more expensive as Menards and the dryer price was the same as Menards
I liked that Menards offered a monthly payment price if you use your Menards Credit Card. Just by glancing I saw that the monthly payments seemed to be less at Menards than Lowes.

Menards- A bit cheaper than the competition. Had monthly payments if you used the Menards card.
Lowe's- Had advanced technological ones, which in turn caused the price to increase.


Monica & Kayla
Menards-online shopping, pop-up ads on the website, weekly ads,rebate coupons for promotions,
Lowe's-online shopping, word of mouth from satisfied customers, coupons, and television ads as well.


Chris B and Ryan H
Menards: Online shopping and weekly fliers
Lowe's: Online shopping and television ads

Tara & Jayne
Both stores had in store flyers. Menard's offers easy credit with 10% discount, pop-ups, and lots of mail in rebates that can only be cashed in at their store. Great way to get repeat customers. Catchy, recognizable tune, TV & radio ads.
Lowe's offers on-line services, 10% guaranteed lowest price. "We'll show you how", great store for do-it-yourselfers, TV ads that always advertise that they are the Lowest in prices & radio ads.

Tasha Deardorff
Menards: Online shopping, larger weekly ads, t.v. advertisements
Lowes: Online shopping, t.v. ads. in store ad was 1 page.

Becky & Kiley:
Menards: Has weekly ads, online shopping, rebates, gift cards, and in the store they advertise a lot over radio loud speakers.
Lowes: Online shopping, commercials, nascar advertising


Holden & Ashley
Lowes Online shopping, Commercials, Nascar advertising, Gift Cards
Menards Online shopping, Weekly flyers in the paper, Rebates, Gift Cards

Kris-Tina and Lisa: No one says "Save Big Money at Menards like Ray!" He started this jingle and it's still gets stuck in people's head to this day.

TV ads, Rebates, Newspaper/Mail Supplements
Lowe's- TV ads (They really promote the money you can save by doing home improvment projects yourself and that they are staffed with the right people to help you do it successfully.)

Dan, Ryan, and Taitor Tot

Menards - "Save big money at Menards" everyone knows that slogan. They have newspaper ads, radio, and on TV
Lowe's - "Let's build something together" saying they help do-it-yourself people. They have a Nascar and advise with flyers
Menards- had flyers and TV ads. They also have different rebates on products during each advertisement.
Lowe's- they have commercials. They also send out flyers but they are just telling you the prices and products they have.

Menards- The jingle, "Save Big Money at Menards". Commercials on TV, Radio, Weekly Ads in the paper. Rebates! Rebates! Rebates!
Lowe's- Flyers of what types of products they have. TV ads
Here is a link to one of the early 90's commericals for Menards. Enjoy!!
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